Sharing Udemy Courses and Certifications in CV and resume

I’ve noticed this post today on my LinkedIn wall:
I just saw my first resume where the candidate highlighted Udemy certifications.  I think this is a great idea.  While certainly not stand-alone, these are a great way to show deep interest in an area.
~ Mike Johnson, CISO at Lyft

And I’d like to add my comment to his words:

1 is better than 0.

Don’t shy away from demonstrating your effort even the one that ended up with tiny successes. Any thing you’ve accomplished show determination and drive.

In some recruitments it’s really a matter of 1% difference between candidates that leads to hiring decision.

This is especially the case for more junior roles. Be so good they can’t ignore you, and show everything that you believe can differentiate you from the crowd. Online courses, blog, small github repository, speaking at local meetups.

It all matters more than you’d think.
If still in doubt, ask yourself a question – what can I REALLY lose if I put it in there?

Go and get some. There is nothing but ego that’s stopping you from showing little successes. Don’t force the big game and act put.
If you don’t put those small wins because you don’t want to be perceived as someone to whom these things matter, and afraid it’ll undermine your bigger wins then stop. It’s ego talking and in this case, it’s your enemy.
If a hiring manager makes a judgment that you must have had achieved nothing greater because you’ve shared the smaller things, then it’s likely you’re better off without them anyways.

Appreciate everything, but foremost importantly- appreciate yourself and your effort.

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