Hiring your first security professional

I really enjoy attending security/business conferences. But it’s not that I’m going there to learn how to do security, because if that would be the case then I’d go for DEFCON or Derbycon and learn from top hackers on the planet. I go to business conferences because I want to listen to the problems others have and observe the way they’re approaching them.
One problem I see continuously since — pretty much — ever is a struggle of starting internal security department. Is it really that hard? May be, but how do you know if you’re keeping the same approach and attitude and make the same mistakes all over again? If your approach doesn’t work, maybe give this one a shot. Continue reading “Hiring your first security professional”

Where are all those geniuses?

Physically dead, emotionally dead. Some turned into regular people and are no longer gifted, and just few of them were lucky enough to find a way to continue the growth and unleash their potential.

Many geniuses fall into a trap of feeling entitled to everything. They believe that if they were born gifted, they don’t need to work hard on anything because they’ve learnt during school days that everything comes easily. Well, it comes easily because school is easy, but life is not. At certain point, you need to put in the hard work to be successful. Genius solely is not enough and being good at school means almost nothing. Being good at school means you’re good at school, and only this. Life is a whole different story. Genius does help a lot if you’re willing to put in the work, because you can learn and solve problems faster than “regular” people. However if you don’t use the gift to improve the process of self-development, it’s all for nothing. Genius is like steroids. It helps and speeds up the process a lot, but if you don’t work out and keep the diet, the effect are minimal. Continue reading “Where are all those geniuses?”