Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants & Learning To Love The Process

Most people die without even realizing how much knowledge they kept in secret because they used to think it was irrelevant to share with the world. Most people don't utilize maximum of their potential because they aren't self confident and those who do believe in their strength sometimes end up too early because of being … Continue reading Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants & Learning To Love The Process

Finding A Meaning And Contributing To Local Social Circles

Life gets overwhelming when you start asking yourself questions about the meaning of life and your role in this circus. Understanding that you have a meaning in the little world around you - local society - such as workplace, church or gym helps a lot.

Securing Software in Agile SDLC & Allocating Testing Resources

It's tough to get yourself started when Agile SDLC is new to you, but when you tweak some processess and adjust them, you'll be able to increase your productivity. Software engineers must take security department into account but you also must learn from they how to be effective without disturbing their workflow.

Creating Security Culture in Startups and SMBs

Before you start working with engineers, make sure you have support of execs, learn what are the business objectives in your company, what are the points of focus for management and then adjust your latter engagements basing on the data you collected. It’s hard to provide a generic recommendations because each organization and each exec … Continue reading Creating Security Culture in Startups and SMBs

Taking Baby Steps With Corporate Security Programme

Earlier you start, the most effective you’re going to be for two main reasons. One is that people won’t even have a chance to form bad habits if security was always in place and the second is that it’s more expensive to change architecture design and refactor a finished product.