Internet of Things insecurity is our fault

Normally I don’t comment on products/industries security because I believe that market is the best arbiter and I just got other stuff to worry about, but IoT is different. IoT are products of high interest of regular non-techy people, who have no clue about security aspects of the shiny WiFi-managed light bulb they just bought on Aliexpress for $3.
Only InfoSec professionals can change the status quo in the market largely represented by people buying IoT devices for personal usage. Continue reading “Internet of Things insecurity is our fault”

Trust is what makes the Team out of a group of co-workers

Everyone talks about it, but I haven’t really met many managers that would actually be committed to doing the work and building trust within an organisation.
Trust isn’t something that magically pops up when you talk about it. Trust is predicated on actions, interactions and leadership activities.
That’s one of the reasons why leaders are in so high demand – because they are capable of doing emotional work and building teams by creating honest relationships.
Basing on my experience there are very few leaders capable of creating healthy corporate culture and trust, which is a pity because it has a huge ROI. Let me tell you why. Continue reading “Trust is what makes the Team out of a group of co-workers”