The most important lesson for aspiring Penetration Testers and junior Security Professionals

Lots of people asking me recently about how to find a job as a pentester or a security professional.

So listen up girls and boys – if you want a legendary piece of content which has the highest concentration of integrity and wisdom, then you must thoroughly read this magnificient piece created years ago by Corelan Team.

Yes, it’s as valid as it was back in the good old days, so don’t seek an excuse and easy path – read the whole thing and if this doesn’t kickstart your passion and career and nothing else will.

Ending with a classy quote:

“Being a pentester does not mean being good at using tools either. It’s about being able to understand how things work, how things are configured, what mistakes people make and how to find those weaknesses by being creative. Being a pentester is not about launching Metasploit against the internet.”

And sending you to this immense piece of content:

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