Quitter mindset is killing your potential

It’s not only that we ourselves set artificial boundaries because of low self-esteem.
Most people don’t realize their potential because they’re not trying hard enough to work on their mental side.

You’ve got one life, don’t waste it just because you haven’t trusted in your strengths and neglected the mental aspects of your life.

Each time you face a wall ask yourself – is this a real problem or I’ve built this wall for myself?
Once you realize it’s you – start putting away the bricks that are in front of you and finally you’ll get there.
See if the height is enough to jump over the wall, if it’s not then see how wide it is, maybe you can go around it?
If not, then punch it till it breaks but for the fucks sake – DO something with your life because the regret of wasted potential is one of the most dangerous poisons.


Everybody comes to a point in life when they want to quit. But it’s what you do at the moment that determines who you are – David Goggins

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