Internal security trainings and awareness awards | ESM part 7

Conduct recurring security trainings Videos and online presentations are good, but nothing can really replace quality in-person meetups. Show as many demos as possible and don’t stick do overloaded PowerPoint presentations which put people to sleep. It’s fine to share raw technical details as a recap materials, but while starting out you must make people … Continue reading Internal security trainings and awareness awards | ESM part 7

Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Concept of purple teaming is something I felt in love with many years ago when I was experimenting with various ways to make myself more effective. Everything has changed — in a good way — when I started embracing culture of collaboration where attackers and defenders work together to create best possible way of securing the products. We’re out … Continue reading Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Start small and early | ESM part 1

  Start small Take baby steps to show everyone in your company that security doesn’t need to be tangled and complex. If you show people that it takes 3 clicks to secure their computer more, their mindset will change and they’ll be eager to implement more of such hassle-free solutions. Do the things that have … Continue reading Start small and early | ESM part 1

Peerlyst ebook: Essentials of Cybersecurity

Essentials of CyberSecurity is a crowdsourced ebook written by @Peerlyst community. I wrote the chapter ‘Building corporate security culture’ with following preface, which should give you a solid context for the message I tried to convey in my article. All those years in InfoSec taught me that for security initiatives to be effective, security must … Continue reading Peerlyst ebook: Essentials of Cybersecurity