Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Concept of purple teaming is something I felt in love with many years ago when I was experimenting with various ways to make myself more effective. Everything has changed — in a good way — when I started embracing culture of collaboration where attackers and defenders work together to create best possible way of securing the products. We’re out … Continue reading Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Make security simple | ESM part 5

  Simplify it for them Security is often perceived as complex and cumbersome which makes engineers unwilling to work on it. In order to get things done you need to simplify and carefully explain your requirements. Strive to make it easier to build secure products because cheaper it is to add security, more likely it’ll get … Continue reading Make security simple | ESM part 5

Outline SDLC/NDLC improvements | ESM part 4

  Make it clear that security is a cost like any other in SDLC Security shouldn’t be seen as “addition” to the product development. It’s a part of it like all other activities and can be counted as a part of Quality Assurance, because nowadays customers demand high quality products and safety is one of elements … Continue reading Outline SDLC/NDLC improvements | ESM part 4