Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Concept of purple teaming is something I felt in love with many years ago when I was experimenting with various ways to make myself more effective. Everything has changed — in a good way — when I started embracing culture of collaboration where attackers and defenders work together to create best possible way of securing the products. We’re out … Continue reading Embrace DevSecOps | ESM part 6

Outline SDLC/NDLC improvements | ESM part 4

  Make it clear that security is a cost like any other in SDLC Security shouldn’t be seen as “addition” to the product development. It’s a part of it like all other activities and can be counted as a part of Quality Assurance, because nowadays customers demand high quality products and safety is one of elements … Continue reading Outline SDLC/NDLC improvements | ESM part 4