Working in the office 8h per day should be dead by now

Most of companies who claim they're hiring the TOP TALENT yet don't offer remote work are truly delusional. What's the meaning of term TOP TALENT precisely? People in radius of 5miles from you office? Office work is a relict of the past where most duties required people to be present on-site and do the physical … Continue reading Working in the office 8h per day should be dead by now

Guide into Effective Security Management

After 10+ years in IT and 5+ in InfoSec I’ve learnt that for security initiatives to be effective, security must one of the core values of corporate culture. Security professionals can’t achieve their greatness if they’re not being actively supported by all stakeholders across the entire organization and if other employees don’t feel ownership for … Continue reading Guide into Effective Security Management

Start small and early | ESM part 1

  Start small Take baby steps to show everyone in your company that security doesn’t need to be tangled and complex. If you show people that it takes 3 clicks to secure their computer more, their mindset will change and they’ll be eager to implement more of such hassle-free solutions. Do the things that have … Continue reading Start small and early | ESM part 1