Working in the office 8h per day should be dead by now

Most of companies who claim they're hiring the TOP TALENT yet don't offer remote work are truly delusional. What's the meaning of term TOP TALENT precisely? People in radius of 5miles from you office? Office work is a relict of the past where most duties required people to be present on-site and do the physical … Continue reading Working in the office 8h per day should be dead by now

Make security simple | ESM part 5

  Simplify it for them Security is often perceived as complex and cumbersome which makes engineers unwilling to work on it. In order to get things done you need to simplify and carefully explain your requirements. Strive to make it easier to build secure products because cheaper it is to add security, more likely it’ll get … Continue reading Make security simple | ESM part 5

Hiring your first security professional

I really enjoy attending security/business conferences. But it’s not that I’m going there to learn how to do security, because if that would be the case then I’d go for DEFCON or Derbycon and learn from top hackers on the planet. I go to business conferences because I want to listen to the problems others … Continue reading Hiring your first security professional