My story

Technology leader experienced in managing enterprise security on VP/C-suite level, managing engineering teams across multiple locations and timezones.

In the role of Enterprise Technology Architect led multiple cloud migrations projects with a scale as small as 100 AWS instances to large pre-IPO cloud-native enterprises.

Security Architect with experience of running Security and Cloud Operations for an enterprise utilizing physical datacenters and public cloud, with a footprint of >10k hosts.

DevSecOps Leader, author of “Social Skills For Information Security Professionals: A Handbook For Those Who Want To Lead And Manage Effectively”.

Experienced in running and growing a midsize(100+ employees) cybersecurity testing and quality assurance company – spent 2 years running the business as a CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Spent 5+ years as an Offensive Security Consultant, working with over a hundred high-profile tech companies such as Barracuda, Ebay, Paypal, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook participating in their vulnerability research program.

His spare time is spent on public speaking gigs, writing, lecturing at Universities all over Poland, coaching and reading.