My story

To put it short, Dawid​ is an optimization freak who happens to be currently obsessed with InfoSec and making each process as cost-effective as possible, which entails putting servant leadership before technical skills.

After a few years spent as a programmer and systems administration, changed the direction of his professional development to spend the next 4 years as a penetration tester, working also with over a hundred high-profile companies such as Ebay, Paypal, Amazon, Adobe, Facebook in their vulnerability research program.

Eager to learn what are the underlying reasons making companies struggle with their security posture, he joined a security corporation from Silicon Valley to help them secure their massive infrastructure from the inside out – which has came to be over 5 years long journey of being their security architect and executives’ advisor for multiple other tech companies.

Currently he’s focusing more on spreading the word about benefits of healthy DevSecOps culture, on building security architecture for enterprises while staying true to his core at nights, by making himself involved in variety of pentesting and red teaming projects.

He believes he’d be nothing if it wasn’t for other great professionals generous enough to share their knowledge, so he’s spending most of his spare time writing articles and recording podcasts where he shares the most important lessons from the professional and personal life.

In 2018 he published a book on empathetic management for security leaders “Social Skills For Information Security Professionals: A Handbook For Those Who Want To Lead And Manage Effectively”, which documents his journey and most expensive pitfalls he made while working as a leader responsible for securing corporations of various shapes and sizes.