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Life lessons from a guy who's just trying to make his life count

My story

Dawid Bałut builds businesses.
For the last 5 years he has been working for a security corporation from Silicon Valley, where he breathed the American mindset and now his goal is to transfer the attitude and know-how to polish entrepreneurs.

His work has been features by companies such as Forbes, Quora, Apple News, Peerlyst, 2600 Security Magazine, Australian Cyber Security Magazine, Egnyte, TestArmy and many other publishing platforms where he appeared as a guest publisher.

Currently, Dawid is focusing on building on the of fastest growing cybersecurity companies from Poland and helping grow innovative corporations from SV focusing on delivering EFSS & Data Governance solutions. The biggest fields Dawid focuses his development in are cybersecurity, leadership, HR management and social media content marketing.

On a technological front, he’s been an advocate for DevSecOps, DevOps and Agile movements for almost a decade. Promotor of Bug Bounty programs with realistic approach to creating security programs.

In 2018 he has published a book on empathetic management for security leaders “Social Skills For Information Security Professionals: A Handbook For Those Who Want To Lead And Manage Effectively”, which documents his journey and most expensive pitfalls he made while working as a leader responsible for securing corporations of various shapes and sizes.

When he’s not helping entrepreneur grow their businesses, he’s either optimizing all that can be optimized in one’s life;  he’s following his path of the avid reader, consuming content from variety of fields; or he’s producing educational content for others.