My story

DevSecOps Leader, author of “Social Skills For Information Security Professionals: A Handbook For Those Who Want To Lead And Manage Effectively”.

Capable** of managing budgets <$10M, being a MD for <130 engineers-big organization and working with senior executives and board of directors. Comfortable in high pressure environments, working on highly confidential projects with aggressive deadlines and SLAs.
Proficient in software security architecture, security engineering, devsecops, offensive security and cloud security in Google Cloud.

Passionate about creating a safe work environment enabling others to be and perform at their best.
Currently ramping up my compliance and enterprise risk management skills.

** Won’t say comfortable, because it never feels comfortable to manage someone elses money, especially in as shaky environments as cybersecurity can be.

His spare time is spent on public speaking gigs, writing, lecturing at Universities all over Poland, coaching and reading.