Started out as a sysadmin/programmer and moved to offensive side of security to hack stuff. Accomplished some good things on offensive side and bug bounties, but that wasn’t fulfilling enough to switched gears and became a security engineer to make world a safer place.

Believed into DevSecOps before it became a big thing and worked on incorporating it into engineering culture at Egnyte.
Became a Security Architect and Manager to lead all security strategies at Egnyte and to secure the organisation top to bottom.

On a side sharing knowledge with the community so that everyone can benefit from my experience. By end of Q1 2018 published a book on empathetic leadership, specifically explaining how it can be used to successfully lead a corporate security programme.
Spend whole 2018 documenting his managerial journey and open sourcing resources thanks to which other organisations can build their security from scratch and learn how to apply DevSecOps in real life.
By end of 2018 gotten back to the roots which is applications security with intent to stay there for a while and multiple the count of over 3000 bugs found in previous roles.

After hours, publishing content and hustling to help employees find their place in world and instructing organisations how to build a safe and empowering workplace. I’m a big believer in leadership, empathy and all those great things but that you can probably figure based on my articles 🙂
To give you some context, my resume would be:


January 2018 – Present: Cyber Security Director at TestArmy Group
September 2014 – Present: Security Architect at Egnyte
July 2017 – Present: Podcaster and Security Trainer
October 2017 – March 2018: University Lecturer at AMU Poznań
June 2017 – Present: Founder and Security Consultant at InfoSec Remedy
November 2013 – September 2014: Security Engineer at Egnyte
January 2012 – February 2014: Web Pentester and Vulnerability Researcher
January 2009 – November 2013: Full Stack Developer and SysAdmin
June 2012 – July 2013: Security Writer and Redactor
June 2007 – May 2010: IT Technician
January 2003 – May 2014: Plenty of ugly roles I don’t even want to remember