Which birds get the worm? On sleep schedule and toxic dogmas.

I know plenty of the biohacker community our there is struggling with their waking hours. They believe in the grind, they believe in the hustle and they want to achieve the success at all cost. I understand that very well because that used to be my native self as well. It’s a long story how it all came to be that I’m in a different place right now, but the message I want to share today is the following.

You really need to find what works best for your psyche and circadian rhythm. You can fight your body if it’s going to benefit your mind, but don’t get yourself on daily mental warfare with things that can be made easy. The world doesn’t care if you’re a bird, an owl or a wolf. Jocko is rolling out of bed at 0445, I’m rolling out of bed at 0430, GaryVee doesn’t sleep at all, and some of the people who’ve achieved a massive success sleep till 10AM; but it doesn’t matter.

We all do it because we worked out what works best for us. We’ve used the pain to find what makes us love and respect ourselves even more. We haven’t experienced pain because we love pain, but we’ve agreed to experience the struggle for a while to get out stronger and smarter.
Many people forget about that and believe that the game is all about the pain and struggle. Well, you’ve bought in the same messy paradigm I used to live in. If you hate your life because you’ve made yourself believe in a dogma that the early bird eats the worm then you’ve played yourself, a big time, buddy. We’re in abundance of worms, everyone can get some if they go after it – regardless of the time they wake up or go to sleep.

It’s ridiculous how some harshness in our lives is just a matter of the perspective. I choose to believe it’s easy and many things roll on their own. If it turns out to be hard then life will self-correct itself and teach me a lesson, but why would I stop myself if odds are in my favor?  Now at the point where I couldn’t care less about most of the things I cared way too much in the past, I’m surprisingly having more energy to put puzzles in the right places and continue going to my personal toooooop!

Getting back to the biohacking things – if you’re playing with optimizing your body and mind, but you’re not on top of the research from @bulletproof / @dave.asprey then you’re just playing yourself. Go check out his company’s website or even better so, grab a copy of his latest book and put some order to the chaos in your life.
And for real, fight that scarcity mentality, because it’s killing you. Look beyond your limiting beliefs and stigmas. Just go, and obviously, add some flavor to your life by flipping a regular coffee for the Bulletproof coffee! 🙂

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