It’s the first year I’m creating a summary such as this, but it seems like a good self-motivational habit for my future self, so why not. Let’s get it done!

In 2018, I’ve accomplished a few things that make me feel good:

Shared my knowledge as a speaker at:

  1. PTaQ LI
  2. Quality3D meetup SJSI #3
  3. QA Summer Fest No. 1
  4. Geek Girls Carrots Wrocław September
  5. TestDive 2018
  6. MobiConf 2018
  7. TestingCup 2018
  8. TestWarez 2018
  9. Robotech 2018
  10. War Studies Academy 12.208
  11. ŁódQA
  12. Berlin GDPR Security Meetup
  13. WrotQA #44
  14. TestCamp Workshops

Appeared as a guest contributor to a podcast:

  1. Peerlyst Podcast
  2. Responsible Cyber, By A CyberFeminist
  3. QAudycja #2
  4. Fabryka Tłumaczeń
  5. Wake up and Code
  6. Marketing i Biznes
  7. PTaQ Testing Parrot
  8. webinars
  9. Wake up and Code

Had my work published by [Global]:

  2. Quora
  3. Apple News
  4. Don’t Panic, Just Hire
  5. HackerNoon
  6. 2600 Security Magazine
  7. Australian Cyber Security Magazine

Had my work published by [Poland]:

  1. Computerworld TOP200
  2. Marketing i Biznes
  4. NofluffJobs
  5. Wake up and Code
  6. Bulldogjob

Living a dream:

  1. Started writing and publishing more frequently
  2. Started sharing my knowledge via podcasts and vlogs
  3. Got back to being passionate about bodybuilding
  4. Played around with some biohacking
  5. Got my book “Social Skills for InfoSec Professionals” published by Peerlyst
  6. Reached ~500k people with my content
  7. Started writing 2 other books for the next 2 years

Business fulfillment:

  1. Got my 6 figures business to stabilize at almost 7 figures
  2. Built another fast-growing 7 figures company

Feel good activities:

  1. Helped a few people break into the security industry
  2. Helped a few individuals grow their businesses
  3. Created a free online training on appsec

Personal wins:

  1. Read about 100 books
  2. Got comfortable with audiobooks
  3. Created a better office space for myself
  4. Wrote 13 pages long manifesto during one sleepless night
  5. Identified and removed deadly toxic people from my life
  6. Survived
  7. Regained the freedom of my mind
  8. Set myself on the right path to building 8 figures business


Dear 2019, I’m coming after you. 2018 has been nothing compared to what’s about to come in 2019!

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