You can’t just FUCK SOCIETY. We’re all in this together

The potential we have is immense. The amount of ours potential we actually utilize is a joke.
Go, do something that will change our lives for better. Be a foundation for greater times. We need that more than anything. We need that more than ever.

You likely have at least 40 years ahead of you. Think about how world is going to look like if we don’t take action and don’t improve.
Building healthier society matters and I truly believe that people on this platform have so much power, they can change the world.
But that’s the case only if they start believing in themselves and think more about the future ahead of us.
Spend more time planning and working on something that can bring long-term results to yourself and your local social circle, and you’ll make a difference.
Sweet ignorance will get you only this far, because by believing into narrative “why bother, who cares, f*ck society” we don’t realize what future we’re building for ourselves with our inertness. It’s not just about others, it’s about you, who’ll need to live on this planet for dozens of years more.

Don’t let the voice of others bring you down, we need you.

I’ll end up with this:
“we wanted flying cars, we got 140 characters” ~ Peter Thiel

What happened to the future?

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