Free Web Application Security Training. 5 Hours of WorkShops Covering OWASP TOP 10 In Polish

I’ve created a 5h 17m long online training for polish software engineers, testers and pretty much anyone that wants to learn web application security.

There are practical examples and I’ve tried to explain everything in such a way that anyone working in devops, programming, QA or management was able to consume the knowledge without much of a hassle.

Before becoming an infosec pro I’ve had been working as a programmer for a good couple of years, so I remember how hard it was to learn from security folks, who use sophisticated jargon and go too hardcore. So I’ve used the language programmers use and the language I think I’d easily understand back in the old days.

Why in polish and when english version?
That is one of the reasons why the course in polish language. I want to help my colleagues, and the whole nation learn concepts that may appear too heavy and complicated. I realize that language barrier is a true barrier and it takes a lot of courage to leave the comfort zone and not only learn new things(security) but also consume it in not a native language.
I want to support every single person who’s courageous and want to change the world for better, by leveling up their competences and delivering higher quality work. So the polish version is done, now I’ll work on the same workshop in english language.

Why do I share commercial-grade training for free?
The course is completely free, no strings attached, below you can even find a link to download the whole 14GB course for offline usage.
I’m opensourcing it, because I know that for most startups and SMBs, investing in security training for employees is out of the discussion because they simply can’t afford it. I want to help changing the world for better, by adding a little piece of myself which is helping businesses all over the world, improving security of their products, networks, services and by minimizing their costs while maximizing ROI of every single investment in security.
So the requirement for training used to be a significant budget and time. Now, it’s just time.

I also think that it’s all on us, security professionals to improve our little world, and the most practical thing we can do is create high quality resources so people can use them to improve their day to day work.

The course can also be used for personal, commercial any any purpose.There is no license, no limitations, nothing. Really, take it and do whatever you want with this material as long as you aim to make world a better and safer place. Spread the awareness, knowledge, positivity and noble virtues. .

First time seeing in Poland such comprehensive training released completely free online. No bragging just yeah, it’s been a lot of work and I’m proud of myself. Following the mantra “be the leader you wish you had”, I know how tough it was when I was learning appsec, so I want to do all I’m capable of, to make it easier for others to enter the field.

Why do I post a note about it in english?
I know I have directors, managers, leaders and other business people here, who recruit polish software engineers and create R&D centers in Poland.
So if you’ve got a polish office with Poles, then send it over to them. It’s in their native language, approachable and can bring you some value without you having to spend a dime.


The full blogpost in polish is here:
Online video is here:

And if you wish to download the training in Full HD, here are 14GB of goodness:!syJl3QaZ!fHbIXQPW8F8bp3C52lmu6ShxT7AX8il_afvd-titGHs

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