Do you really believe you are in control of your online privacy and data?

In most cases, your data is NEITHER safe NOR private if you’ve ever put it on the Internet.

Most of us blindly believe that if we pay extra money for a product from reputable brand, then we’ll receive a high quality and secure thing.

It doesn’t work this way. Not at all. Most companies don’t give a damn about your #safety, your #privacy or security of your data as long as they can rock’n’roll thanks to the money you gave them.

We make these exchanges on daily basis without consciously realizing the hidden costs on our side.

Application security, especially on this level, for a company with revenue of 19 billion dollars is NOT hard by any means. There is no excuse or explanation for this. They just don’t care and it doesn’t make them much more different from 90% of companies you use on daily basis.

What can be done? Not much, online privacy and safety are myths and legends we can tell our kids as a bed time story. Like most bedtime stories, it’s something we would believe, yet we do believe in this one.

It would require a society who understands and publicly shames companies with bad security practices, but that’s not going to happen.
Most people don’t want to care and even tho they’re terrified and nod their heads to Orwell’s “1984”, they won’t take any action.

Rant’s igniter:

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