Align your actions with your belief system

The real effectiveness in InfoSec begins when you realize you’re not in hacking industry, but in the money-saving industry. Your job is to minimize business’ operations costs and decrease the risks of potential financial losses. It ain’t a bit about flashy tools and empty phrases.

You want to be treated seriously at the workplace and have #executives finally respect you for your greatness? Demonstrate your business awareness and prove them by actions that you really understand why you’re getting your paycheck.

It’s not just a preach to help businesses do their stuff. It’s deeply important, because if you finally understand that, you’ll save yourself a ton of resentment, social anxiety and may be you can save yourself even from depression. It’s easy to become a nihilist in InfoSec, so change the way you think about your role in the organisation and see yourself flourish. Your life and your work matters.

But don’t let things overwhelm you, just because you’ve failed to set a proper context for your life and actions.

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