Each generation has their own struggles

I’m so fed up with those bullshit posts on linkedin from people talking shit and blaming millennials for everything.

You know what the ultimate tip for Millennials is?

Stop following bullshit one-liner advice posted on LinkedIn.
I wish life would be that easy but it’s not, and the reason for most of those posts is to be click-baits which bring attention & fame to the poster.
Life is all about context, the little details and the big picture perspective which one-liner has no chance of giving you.
The only thing it can give you is a tunnel vision which is crazy scary because I’ve seen too many people sleepwalking thru life just to wake up on death bed and finally figure out that they lived their lives on someone elses terms.

If you want to transform your life, then you’ve got to put in the work and learn by spending thousands of hours educating yourself from content created by tens, hundreds or even thousands of people, where every single person provides yet another perspective which you correlate with other knowledge and try to map with your life.

You Do You.
Stop wasting time on click-baitish posts which have little to 0 value and very often make more harm than not.
Being an authority comes with a huge power and even greater responsibility of ensuring we’re not putting lives of others in danger.

“The book that will change your life THE MOST is the book you write” ~  Seth Godin

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