Lack of self respect is holding you back

How many people do you know that stick to their principles? Are you a person that respects your own principles or you flow with the things that have biggest ROI even if they completely destroy your integrity?

Think about things you do, about the core values you have and ask yourself these very few questions:
1) Am I a person worth anyone’s respect?
2) Am I worthy of anything this world has to offer?
3) What do I do that makes me weak and makes me disrespect myself?

Spend some time on selfreflection answering these questions and you’ll find a lot of things that you do which are holding you back and make you miserable.

Figure out yourself and slay your dragons. There is nobody else who can do it for you.
Even if there are people nice enough around you, there are inner issues all of us face which must be solved by ourselves only.

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