How to safely use EFSS solutions

Shameless plug — If you’re a fan of storytelling, I encourage you to read my previous article which is kind of a preface to this one: Software complexity as an enemy of security.
However, it’s not required to know the preface because both of them have an individual value.

I’ve been in EFSS‍ (Enterprise File Sync and Share‍) space for over 4 years already, which I believe makes me qualified to share some observations in terms of EFSS product security.
I started my journey in this industry by doing penetration tests and bug hunting for EFSS vendors, and for the last 3.5 years I’ve been working as a security architect‍ for a company that offers exactly that stuff.
My goal is to level up security awareness in the EFSS industry, because based on my observations, lots of users are still not aware of all the things they should know. Continue reading “How to safely use EFSS solutions”